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Knowledge Realm is dedicated to bringing you unique chess sets at fantastic prices.

Thank you for visiting Knowledge Realm. This web site serves two objectives: One objective is to provide chess enthusiasts with quality products coupled with terrific pricing; the second objective is to provide informative articles and even a forum in which to discuss ideas and theories with other chess enthusiasts. Please feel free to browse through the available chess sets, and stop by the forum to converse with other chess enthusiasts. If during your stay you have any questions related to the chess sets, forum, or any other area of this website, please don’t hesitate to send and e-mail to the webmaster@theknowledgerealm.com.
The chess sets featured at Knowledge Realm are comprised of educational sets as well as collector sets, and are a mix of both domestic and imported goods. If there is a certain style of chess set which you are looking for which is not featured at Knowledge Realm, please submit an e-mail query to sales@theknowledgerealm.com.